For decades, people have been relying on various forms of plastic or cosmetic surgery in order to enhance their outside appearance, as well as “repair” certain defects caused by injuries or present from birth. The reasons for plastic surgery are many and they usually differ from person to person. As a result, we have numerous types of procedures these days available to us, all specifically designed to cater to our personal wishes and desires. One of the most popular and widely performed procedures is, without a doubt, Rhytidectomy, or more commonly known as a Facelift. Thousands of people all across the country get facelifts every year, with the aim of removing facial wrinkles and in order to make themselves appear younger and more aesthetically appealing.

The facelift procedure itself involves removing any excess skin from a patients face. It is this excess skin that causes wrinkles and that general “loose” appearance. The main objective is to make the entire face area more firm and tighten it in the process. Although it is virtually harmless and does not cause any discomfort, a facelift is still an invasive medical procedure. Therefore, you shouldn’t blindly rush to the first plastic surgery clinic you see. Ask yourself why do you need a facelift and what results would you like to see. Also, keep in mind that not every plastic surgeon is at the same level of professionalism and quality. Try to find the best possible one at the most affordable price. Check the reviews and recommendations from other people, as well as the reputations of clinics and surgeons. Finding a surgeon that has a strong reputation or a reputable Facelift Tampa clinic should be your key priority.

Before you make any decision, take into account these 3 factors:

-Condition of your skin

-Your age

-The cost of the procedure

The first thing you should know is that a Facelift is not designed to fix every facial problem. For example, if you have marionette lines or you suffer from nasolabial folds, you will not benefit from a facelift. In these cases, a better option would be a Botox injection. Remember to always consult with your surgeon before making a decision. He/she will tell you exactly what you need, don’t need, and what to expect. This way you will get a much clearer picture of the entire process.

Your age will significantly impact the effectiveness of the procedure. Keep in mind that a facelift is intended to deal with facial wrinkles, which are in close correlation to a person’s age. This procedure is usually recommended for middle-aged individuals or older. If you are a younger person, perhaps the best option would be to avoid it, simply because the results would be minimal, if not completely invisible. In this case, you could see noticeably better results with various lotions, creams or even a facial. Think of the facelift as a last resort, If nothing else works.

Lastly, think of the price. Most of the clinics charge reasonably, but, there are some that overcharge for their services. Make sure to find the one that offers the best balance between the quality of the service and the cost. If you are interested in that, you should probably check out Plastic Surgery Tampa by Eric Egozi md.

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